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From: MB
Sent: Wednesday, October 15, 2014 2:45 PM
To: Joe Bergevin

Subject: Washington Federal's Relationship with Joe Bergevin

To Whom It May Concern:

Joe Bergevin is a preferred builder of Washington Federal.  We have been working with Joe for many years now and highly value his loyalty and integrity.  The quality of his work is outstanding and we appreciate his relationship with us.  I always recommend him to any clients that ask for a builder because I know they will be well taken care of.


Assistant Manager
NMLSR #529006

Work Completed Date:

July 09, 2012

Hire Again:


Approximate Cost:


Description Of Work:

We used JD Bergevin Homes for stucco work. They are putting a stucco coating on the chimney.

Member Comments: They gave me several bids and I accepted the one for the stucco work on the outside of the chimney. They’ve been here two days and they’re going to finish tomorrow. I also got a bid for painting and he came out with the painting contractor today and I accepted that bid. They’re going to start painting the exterior later this week. They have been responsive and they have given me low bids. I have compared their bids to others and they are very competitive. He’s a general contractor and he has subcontractors doing various things for him. I had him look at my kitchen and he gave me ideas about what he can renovate there as well. He’s got plumbers and electricians and everybody. 

Work Completed Date: September 12, 2011

Hire Again: Yes

Approximate Cost: $22,000.00

Description Of Work: Remodeled 2,000 square foot office space prior to us moving into the office building. JDB demolished several offices and reconfigured the space to better suit our needs. Remodeled the kitchen and took care of electrical and plumbing issues throughout building.

Member Comments: JDB gave me a detailed estimate for the work we wanted done. When we realized that our scope would just be too big for the time allowed, Joe and Johnny worked with me to get the project refined. They removed drop ceilings and crazy old offices to make nice big usable spaces for us, including specialized testing rooms required for our business, and a new kitchen. Johnny was very creative when dealing with the reused and recycled materials we were interested in and really made it work for us. Remarkably, they finished the job exactly on budget and only 1 day late! It was incredible!

Our "new" office was a total dump when we started the project. But all of our clients and employees are delighted with the new space.

July 12, 2011

"Hi Joe,
It was such a pleasure to meet you yesterday. We were quite amazed with how thoroughly you thought about possibilities while you were at the house with us. The drawing of the garage into master is on target with what we talked about.

We have decided to move ahead with placing an offer on the house..."

Signed, KD

June 30, 2011

“Hi Joe,

I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you and your team for all that you accomplished yesterday, especially under such short notice. It was amazing to watch how you orchestrated the various specialties and to watch it come together. We got a great deal accomplished and you executed very well!

This would not be a project that I would ordinarily take on but I’m very confident in your vision and capability so thanks for the reassurance with the home inspector as well as the kitchen expansion. “

Signed, Rebecca.

We worked with Joe, JD Bergevin Homes, to remodel/ update a home we purchased with plans to make our long-term family home.Our project was extensive including: new hard-wood floors, complete rebuild of the front door entry and door, kitchen island remodel, custom range hood, new molding throughout, carpet replacement, new paint throughout, new lighting, wine room addition, powder room remodel, cabinetry work, plus more.

From the beginning it was apparent how much Joe believes in his team and how important it is to him to deliver what we, the customer, want. We were impressed with the initiative Joe under-took (before we finalized working with him) to help us develop our remodel plan and were equally impressed throughout our remodel. Joe’s team has been working together for many years and we found this to be a huge positive. They have great working relationships and understand the importance of delivering a high-quality, on-time product. And, we found each sub-contractor Joe has chosen to work with to be trustworthy.

We have enjoyed working with Joe and have great respect for his knowledge as a General Contractor. He was available and responsive throughout our project. And, whenever needed, he went to bat for us to ensure we received the best price and product available.

Our home is beautiful and we are thoroughly enjoying the finished product.

Thank you Joe,

Roxanne and Eric Kidd

Hi Joe,

Here is the blurb I posted on Madrona Moms and NE Seattle Moms

I've seen a bunch of people asking for a referral for a general contractor or person to do remodel/landscape work. I've been meaning to respond!
We have done a ton of work with Joe at JD Bergevin homes and been very pleased. We did a new backyard fence and decking, full bathroom remodel, kitchen remodel, hardwood floors, drywall repair and interior paint with Bergevin Homes. They also build custom homes and do full landscaping work and just about any remodeling work you can dream up. Also, Joe's wife Katy is an interior designer and provides free design consultation with your project (she helped us pick out our tile, countertops, paint colors etc).
The great thing about Joe and his team are that they have worked together for years and work very well together. For example, the drywaller and the painter and plumber all know each other's style of work and it pulls everything together seamlessly.
A HUGE bonus for us was that all the guys were great with my kids. I totally trust having them in my home and actually look forward to it. I was comfortable having them work while our nanny and kids were home too. My young kids got a kick out of the attention and they launched into weeks of plumber and construction play :o)
Joe Bergevin's direct # is 425-736-9312 and email is joe
Feel free to contact me if you want any further info about our projects!

Julie Wheatley

We loved working with our team of carpenters & contractors from JD Bergevin

Homes.Even though our project was a small one, Joe and his team gave us

their full attention & were prompt, responsive & professional throughout.

It was a pleasure having the team in our home, and the end product was a

gorgeous entry way that we are very proud of.

January 5, 2011

To whom it may concern,

Joe Bergevin from JD Bergevin Homes built our home located at 9520 130 th Ave NE in 2006. What could have been a stressful process ended up being an enjoyable experience as Joe helped guide us through the "mine field" of home building. My wife Michelle and I were impressed with virtually all aspects of the process including Joes consistent pleasant personality, reliability, fairness, the quality of the craftsman and sub contrctors that he used to help build our home and getting us in ahead of schedule which ended up saving us money due to less interim interest charges. Our home is now a little more than 4 years old and we only had a defect which was caught early and corrected immediately. When you walk through our home you know you are in a well built home that will stand the test of time. I tell my friends and family that I feel like I am living in Fort Knox as solidly built and quiet inside that it is. If we were building another home there is no doubt whatsoever that we would select Joe from JD Bergevin Homes. We have 100% trust and confidence in Joe and his crew. If any potential homebuyers would care to contact us regarding JD Bergevin Homes please feel free to call anytime at 206-399-3070.


Loren Feldman

This letter was sent to JD Bergevin Homes, Inc. by a Kirkland homeowner…

Work Completed Date: 2009

Hire Again: Yes

Approximate Cost: $925,000.00

Description Of Work:

Joe Bergevin (JD Bergevin Homes, Inc.) was the general contractor for our 4500 sq.ft.

custom home. We used Joe because he was recommended by a good friend of mine

that Joe built a house for the year before he built our house.


Overall it went great. Did we have some bumps in the road along the way? Sure. This

was the second custom house I've had built and I can't imagine building a home without having obstacles to overcome and problems to solve. That’s where Joe really shined. He is a great problem solver and task manager. Managing all the sub contractors could be a bit like cat herding at some times but Joe's subs were dedicated to him and when or if there was a problem, we all worked together to get it solved. Joe had lots of great ideas on big things like the layout of the kitchen and great input on the siding and exterior window trim, light placement, mantel design, dining room configuration, etc. The list could go on and on. Joe was VERY involved in all aspects of the design and construction of the house. He would offer his opinion and let my wife and I make the final decision. Joe brought by some prospective clients by my house about a year ago and after seeing the craftsmanship of our beautiful home and talking with my wife and I, they had Joe build a house for them. I would highly recommend Joe to anyone in need of a general contractor.


Kirkland, WA